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Actor Pharma’s primary goal is to improve the health and well-being of the people of South Africa, and in line with this ambition, this page is dedicated to you and your problems. We want to help in any and every way possible, so post your questions, concerns and issues here, and we will open them up to a forum of experts who will endeavour to assist and guide you on your road to health and wellness.


Your Questions Answered

Why do diabetics need special foot products?

Generally, one in four diabetics suffers from foot problems. Diabetics have an increased risk of foot problems due to:

  • Frequent microcirculatory problems and a gradual loss of sensation and sensitivity in their feet.
  • Extremely dry skin.
  • Increased risk of infection in wounds (diabetics may not notice a cut, lesion or burn injury due to decreased sensitivity in their feet).

Foot problems are the primary cause of hospitalisation among diabetics. However, proper foot care and attention can prevent serious complications.

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