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Tea Quality

Sidroga® herbal teas, made in Germany, contain carefully selected, quality controlled ingredients which have been dried and finely blended to offer a range of pleasant tasting teas, free from added sugar, artificial flavouring and additives. Double chamber tea bags, enclosed in a flavour protective foil sachet, ensure 100% Sidroga® taste.

Sidroga® herbal teas are available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa!

Sidroga® children's teas are a beneficial alternative to calorie-rich children's drinks. They have a pleasant taste and are completely free from added sugar, artificial flavouring and additives.

  • Only products with the Bio-Siegel mark, comply with the EU Organic Farming Regulations.
  • If you see the Bio-Siegel mark , you can be assured that the product is organic.



Mother & Child Teas

Sidroga® Digestive Tea for babies and children
Each 1,3 g herbal tea bag contains: Matricariae flos 40 % (0,52 g), Melissae folium 10 % (0,13 g), Menthae piperitae folium 10 % (0,13 g), Foeniculi dulcis fructus 10 % (0,13 g), Verbenae odoratae folium 20 % (0,26 g) and Tiliae flos 10 % (0,13 g).

Helps to calm and relieves colic. From 1 month.

Sidroga® Digestive Tea for babies and children - Patient Information Leaflet

Sidroga® Organic good night tea for babies

Each 1,5 g tea bag contains: Anisi fructus 41-51 % (0,615 – 0,765 g), Melissae folium 37-47 % (0,555 – 0,704 g), Menthae piperitae folium 5-9 % (0,075-0,135 g), Passiflorae herba 1-5 % (0,015-0,075 g) and Lavandulae flos 1-4 % (0,015-0,06 g).

Mild and soothing. Helps to soothe, calm and relieve irritability for a restful sleep.  From 4 months.

Sidroga® Organic good night tea for babies - Patient Information Leaflet

Sidroga® Herbal tea for breastfeeding mothers
Each 1,5 g tea bag contains: Carvi fructus 40 % (0,6 g), Anisi fructus 20 % (0,3 g), Foeniculi dulcis fructus 20 % (0,3 g) and Melissae folium 20 % (0,3 g).

Helps to soothe and calm, as well as aid breastmilk production.

Sidroga® Herbal tea for breastfeeding mothers - Patient Information Leaflet

Sidroga® Tea