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Sea Water Nasal Spray Range

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The health properties of sea water

The health benefits of sea water have been recognised for thousands of years. Pure sea water is rich in different salts, minerals and trace elements which are important for overall health and wellbeing. Our body cells are physiologically close to sea water.

The sea water used in STÉRIMAR™ is collected in deep waters off the coast of Northern France.  After collection it is filtered, diluted and microbiologically controlled to produce an aseptic (sterile) sea water solution, without preservatives.

The nose and the importance of nasal hygiene

The nose and the nasal mucosa have an important role to play in breathing. They moisten and warm inhaled air, preparing it for the body before it enters the lungs.

Cilia (tiny hairs) lining the mucosa filter inhaled air, preventing airborne particles such as dust, microbes, pollution and smoke from entering into the lungs. When the filtering action of the cilia is insufficient, the cells of the nasal mucosa produce mucus, a sticky liquid that traps impurities.

By conditioning and filtering the air, the nose acts as the body's first line of defence against external particles that are potentially dangerous to our body. If the nose is too dry and congested, it cannot function properly, increasing our vulnerability to colds, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

What makes the STÉRIMAR™ range so special?

  • STÉRIMAR™ is preservative-free
  • STÉRIMAR™ contains minerals and trace elements
  • The diffuser mounted in the STÉRIMAR™ nozzle produces a micro-diffusion effect, gently delivering a fine spray of droplets
  • STÉRIMAR™ is manufactured using technology which preserves the quality of the sea water, whilst protecting it from contamination
  • STÉRIMAR™ has a non-return valve which ensures that the aerosol container does not become contaminated and that the solution remains sterile
  • With STÉRIMAR’s™ special self-blocking anatomically-shaped nozzle, it is just as suitable for the small nostrils of babies as it is for adults.


STÉRIMAR™ Sea Water Nasal Spray Range


Nasal Hygiene for daily care

  • Recommended for daily nasal hygiene in babies from 0 to 3 years of age
  • A clear nose is essential for babies during feeding as they breathe mostly through their noses
  • Preservative-free with marine trace elements
  • Isotonic* Sea Water Solution
  • Specially designed nozzle ensures micro-fine spray and gentle pressure
  • Cleanses the nasal passages to enhance the action of medicated nasal treatments
  • Pocket size pack makes travelling easy

*Isotonic solution: a solution that contains the same concentration of salt as that of the body’s cells.

Babies and Children

Relief from a blocked nose

  • Recommended for babies and children with blocked noses (from 3 months of age)
  • Provides relief from a blocked nose (common colds, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis)
  • Preservative-free with added copper, mineral salts and marine trace elements
  • Hypertonic* Sea Water Solution
  • Salt content and pressure have been specially developed to be gentle on little noses
  • Cleanses the nasal passages to enhance the action of medicated nasal treatments
  • Pocket size pack makes travelling easy

* Hypertonic solution: a solution that contains a higher concentration of salt than that of the body’s cells, which allows for decongestion of blocked noses.

Children and Adults

Nasal Hygiene for daily care

  • Recommended for daily nasal hygiene and as preventative therapy for colds, allergic rhinitis or sinusitis in adults and children (over 3 years of age)
  • Efficiently cleanses the nasal passages and helps to restore moisture without harming the nose
  • Makes breathing more comfortable in a polluted environment
  • Isotonic* Sea Water Solution
  • Can be used 2 to 6 times per day in each nostril or as per instruction from your doctor
  • Suitable for pregnant women, frequent flyers and sportspeople
  • Preservative–free with marine trace elements
  • Specially designed nozzle delivers a gentle, micro-fine spray

*Isotonic solution: a solution that contains the same concentration of salt as that of the body’s cells.


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