For an added cooling effect, store PoxClinTM CoolMousse in the fridge1. You should consult a doctor if your child’s condition worsens or does not improve.

PoxClinTM CoolMousse for children with chickenpox1

• Itch and burn relief
• Cooling and soothing effect
• Conditions and protects the skin
• Promotes healing
• No harmful chemicals or toxic substances2

What is chickenpox?

How do you get chickenpox?

The infection is caused by varicella zoster virus (VZV).3 Infection with VZV occurs through the respiratory tract and the membranes of the eyes (conjunctiva).3

The most common mode of transmission is by person to person from infected respiratory tract secretions.3

Vaccination with the chickenpox vaccine is the best way to prevent chickenpox,4 although breakthrough infections do occur even in vaccinated individuals.3

Although normally a mild disease, chickenpox can be serious and lead to complications, especially in high-risk groups, such as:4

  • Newborns and infants whose mothers never had chickenpox or the vaccine
  • Teenagers
  • Pregnant women
  • People with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema

A common complication of chickenpox is a bacterial infection of the skin.4

Chickenpox may also lead to pneumonia or, rarely, an inflammation of the brain (encephalitis), both of which can be very serious.4

When is chickenpox contagious?

A person who has chickenpox can transmit the virus for up to 48 hours before the telltale rash appears.4

This period of being infectious extends through the first 4 to 5 days, or until the lesions have formed crusts. 3

What are the symptoms of chickenpox?

In children, the rash is often the first sign of disease.3 The rash is red and itchy and initially may look like insect bites.4 The chickenpox rash occurs in three stages:4
  • First, there are raised pink or red bumps (papules)
  • The papules will then turn into fluid-filled blisters (vesicles)
  • Finally, the vesicles will crust over and scab
The rash may be preceded or accompanied by:4
  • Fever
  • Abdominal pain
  • Mild headache
  • A dry cough
  • A general feeling of unease and discomfort (malaise) or irritability

Treatment of chickenpox

In otherwise healthy children, chickenpox typically requires no medical treatment.4 There is little evidence that use of ointments such as calamine (a zinc silicate lotion) can effectively alleviate itching in varicella infection.5

PoxClinTM CoolMousse

  • PoxClinTM CoolMousse has been developed to provide relief from skin irritation, itching, burning, and sensitivity associated with chickenpox1
  • Spreading thick substances such as creams and ointments can result in the bursting of blisters, while PoxClinTM CoolMousse is easy to spread causing little friction over sensitive areas2
  • PoxClinTM CoolMousse delivers a cooling effect to the skin, which alleviates the itch considerably2
  • PoxClinTM CoolMousse contains 2QR, a Bio-Active Bacterial Blocker derived from the Aloe barbadensis plant – it binds to harmful bacteria from the environment, thereby protecting the skin from attack1,2
Other benefits of PoxClinTM CoolMousse include:
  • No known side effects or interference with other medications1
  • No harmful chemicals or toxic substances2

How to use PoxClinTM CoolMousse

For treatment of large surfaces of the skin infected with chickenpox2
  • Shake the bottle before use. When first using PoxClinTM CoolMousse, two to three pumps of the foam dispenser may be needed for the foam to emerge. Apply at least 3 times a day or whenever relief is required.
  • Apply a generous amount and gently dab into the skin. PoxClinTM CoolMousse is a light, smooth mousse and is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin.
For prevention of scarring2
  • Frequent application of the mousse may enhance its effect.
  • PoxClinTM CoolMousse provides relief from itchiness and protects the skin, resulting in less scratching and fewer infections.
  • It is recommended to apply the mousse prior to a change of clothing, or whenever relief is required.
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