Flagship brands such as Gen-eye® Ophthalmic, Beriglobin® P, Rautevene® and Fibreaker


Our Vision


World-class ophthalmic products


The concept of Gen-eye was conceived 7 years ago, prompted by the clear need for a company with the ability to provide ophthalmologists and patients with a new treatment approach comprising a comprehensive basket of cost-effective, quality ophthalmics from world-class manufacturers.


As found in first-world countries, quality generics with a longstanding heritage play a vital role in increasing access, affordability and availability of medicines to patients; particularly in chronic debilitating conditions such as glaucoma.


At Gen-eye South Africa, our vision is to become the most valued and leading supplier of a comprehensive basket of high quality yet cost-effective world-class ophthalmic products.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide better access to affordable eyecare to more patients and increased earlier and accurate diagnosis of chronic conditions like glaucoma.


As a company we are proud to say that we source our products from credible and highly reputable manufacturing facilities situated in Europe and South America.