Allergic Rhinitis -
hay fever, itchy nose
Irritated Nose -
dust and smoke
Rhinitis Sicca -
chronic dry nose
caused from certain
medications and
oxygen therapy
Crusty Nose -
dryness and crusting
caused by dry air and
the common cold

Why is the nose so important?

The nose and the nasal mucosa have an important role to play in breathing. They moisten and warm inhaled air, preparing it for the body before it enters the lungs. Cilia (tiny hairs) lining the mucosa filter inhaled air, preventing airborne particles such as dust, microbes, pollution and smoke from entering into the lungs.

By conditioning and filtering the air, the nose acts as the body's first line of defence against external particles that are potentially dangerous to the body. If the nose is too dry and congested, it cannot function properly, increasing our vulnerability to things like colds.

Inadequate moisture may cause nasal tissue to dry out, form crusts and even bleed.

How do you know if you have a dry nose?

You may experience any of the following symptoms:

  • dryness,
  • itchiness,
  • irritation and / or
  • an increased need to rub or touch your nose
    Nozoil® significantly reduces nasal dryness, blockage, and crusts.

Why Nozoil® and how it works?

  • With 70 % of all germs entering the body doing so by the nose, any increased contact with the nose also increases the spread of colds and flu unnecessary.
  • Nozoil® gently lubricates the nasal passages, reducing dried nasal mucous, eliminating itching and the compulsion to touch the nose and even to pick from inside the nostrils thus reducing contact and the spread of colds and flu.
  • Nozoil® is a sesame oil-based spray that lubricates and soothes the nasal passages, eliminating itchiness, preventing the formation of dried nasal mucous and helping support your body's natural defences against flu.
  • Inadequate moisture may cause nasal tissue to dry out and even bleed.

How does Nozoil® work?

  • Nozoil® is made from 100 % pure sesame seed oil. Sesame seed oil is a vegetable oil rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant. It acts as an antioxidant and protects cell walls, preventing them from being destroyed by free radicals which are found in dry and polluted air. 5
  • Nozoil® protects, lubricates, softens and moisturises the nasal mucosa, providing relief from nasal dryness and discomfort; and prevents re-occurring dryness and crusting.
5 accessed May 2020
  • 100 % pure sesame seed oil
  • Preservative free
  • Lubricates and moisturises the nasal mucosa
  • Prevents the occurrence of small cracks in the nasal mucosa
  • Decreases the formation of nasal crusts
  • Supports breathing through the nose
  • Prevents nose rubbing and picking which can contribute to the spread of colds and flu
  • Protects the nasal mucosa from the dryness caused from allergens
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